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The Toyota Supra Is BACK, And Our List Of The Best Small SUVs For About $25,000 - 6/20/2020

June 22, 2020

Today's topics for Nik Miles and Truck Girl Jen

  • Volkswagen's Mark Gillies brings us the scoop on the 2020 Jetta
  • Do you have problems both giving, and receiving navigational directions? Well Nik's favorite app What3Words could be a godsend. CEO and Co-Founder Chris Sheldrick stops by the studio to discuss
  • Toyota's Nick Miller celebrates the return of the Supra, and something is coming to the car that's NEVER been there before
  • A listener wanted to know what the best small SUV for 25K was, so we run down our favorite options
  • People have been staying at home.... but for some, that doesn't mean they're staying still. Mike Caudill joins us to talk about a rise in RV sales
  • Nissan's Jannelle Grigsby has everything you'd need to know about the all new 2021 Rogue
  • Remember that Tesla pickup truck? Well, Nikola has announced a new partnership when it comes to the new vehicle. Anton Wahlman has that and more as we run down the weeks news
  • Did you pre-order a Ford Mustang Mach-E? Check your email, because Mustang's Lisa Teed says another step towards having one in your driveway lies in your inbox
  • Nik cruised around town in the Nissan Murano this week, what are you test driving?

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