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Previewing The 2022 Chevrolet Silverado ZR2, Taking A Look At All Things Electric At Kia, And A Look At The Winners Of Mudfest - 9-18-2021

September 23, 2021

Topics for Nik Miles, Truck Girl Jen, and Automatic Andy:

  • Chevrolet's Shad Balch stops by with all the details on the Silverado ZR2
  • Recapping the IAA Auto Show in Munich Germany, from someone in Germany themselves, Digital Automotive Journalist Javier Mota
  • Kia's James Bell runs down the Electrify Expo
  • NWAPA President John Vincent joins us to tell us all about the winners of this year's Mudfest!
  • Automatic Andy's Top 5 favorite things about the 2022 Convertible MINI Cooper S
  • Nik and Anton run down the news of the week, including whether or not this is the last hurrah for Tesla in Europe
  • Nik cruised around the city streets in the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander. Hear his opinion on the ride in the show!

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