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Nik Celebrates His Birthday With An Iconic Ford, Checking In On One Of Our Favorites From Range Rover - 4-25-2020

April 28, 2020

Topics for Nik Miles and Truck Girl Jen:

  • Ford Historian Ted Ryan talks about the 56th birthday of the Mustang
  • FCA's Brian Spohn, otherwise known as the "Father of ETorque" joins us to break down the meaning of "electrification" in the Auto Industry
  • Volkswagen has hit a MAJOR milestone when it comes to the Tiguan. VW's Mark Gilles has the details
  • Range Rover has announced the Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition, and Range Rover Head of Planning Rob Filipovic has everything you need to know about one of Nik's favorite automobiles
  • Tesla loses its subsidy in China, and Kia has confirmed 300-mile range BEV Crossover in the USA. Anton Wahlman has these stories and more in today's show
  • In Nik's driveway this week were the BMW X5M Competition, as well as the Toyota Highlander

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