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McLaren Brings Home Some Hardware, Our Top American Muscle Cars, And An Inside Look At The 2022 INFINITI QX60 - 9-11-2021

September 15, 2021

Topics for Nik Miles, Truck Girl Jen, and Automatic Andy:

  • INFINITI's Kyle Bazemore calls in to help us get a better look at the 2022 QX60
  • Roger Ormisher from McLaren gives us the inside scoop on the new GT
  • Nik and our own Perry Stern run down Our Auto Expert's Top 3 American Muscle Cars
  • Taking a look at the future of the Nissan 370Z with Nissan's Julio Vitti
  • Honda's Carl C. Pulley tells us what it means to the company to break in to the Top 10 list of cars made in America
  • Anton Wahlman and Nik discuss the automotive news from the U.S. as well as around the globe
  • Nik got the best of both a car, and a truck this week, as he cruised around the city streets in the 2021 Mazda 3 hatchback, as well as the 2021 Ford F150 Platinum. Hear his thoughts right here!

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