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Jeep Announces The Return Of The Wagoneer, An In-Depth Look At Volkswagen’s Passat R-Line, And One Of Our Own Cruises In The Rolls-Royce Cullinan

September 7, 2020

Topics for Nik Miles and Truck Girl Jen:

  • Volkswagen's Mark Gilles joins us to review the 2020 Passat R-Line
  • Nissan has announced the 2021 GT-R and GT-R Nismo. Nissan's Julio Vitti has all the details
  • Genesis knows luxury, and Genesis's Kevin Smith is in the know on the new G80 and GV80, and which one may be best for you
  • You know it's big news when the North American Head of a company stops by. Jeep's Jim Morrison brings us all the sweet details on the return of the Wagoneer!
  • Thinking about buying a mid-size truck? Fast Lane's Roman Mica has the best ones for you
  • Anton Wahlman wraps up this week's automotive news
  • Our Auto Expert's Perry Stern got to live the high life in the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and gives us his take

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