Our Auto Expert

A Kid-Sized Supercar, Rolls-Royce’s First Collection Car, And Some Upcoming SUV’s You’re Going To Want To Keep An Eye Out For

September 1, 2020

Topics for Nik Miles and Truck Girl Jen:

  • McLaren's Vice President of Communications Roger Ormisher stops in to tell us about one of the most beautiful Supercars in the WORLD, that now comes in kid size
  • Rolls-Royce's Gerry Spahn has all the details on their first "collection car", the Dawn Silver Bullet, and where they got their inspiration
  • Our Auto Expert's Mike Caudill took an adventure in the Lincoln Black Label, as well as headed back to school. He'll explain
  • Hyundai's Melvyn Bautista has the scoop on the 2020 Sante Fe Limited AWD
  • Looking for an elegant SUV? Volvo's Russell Datz has just the solution. The 2020 XC90.
  • The Head of Jeep Jim Morrison joins us to discuss what's new with Jeep, including the Gladiator Diesel
  • Toyota's T-Ten program has expanded! Toyota's Joseph Myers will tell you exactly what that means
  • No Sedans in the driveway for Nik this week, as he took to the pavement in the 2020 Ford Ranger, along with the Toyota RAV4 Prime 

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