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3-14-2020 - Car Safety When It Comes To The Coronavirus, Taking A Look At The AMG GLE 63 S Coupe

March 15, 2020

Topics for Nik Miles and Truck Girl Jen:

  • Mercedes Lilienthal talks about her adventures in the Alcan 500
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG Product Manager Keri Richardson has the details on the new GLE 63
  • MSN's Perry Stern touches on a list of topics including the his ultimate road trip with McLaren and the Mercedes-Benz launch of the GLS and GLE
  • Nik and Jen discuss how to protect yourself from the Coronavirus when renting a car or taking ride sharing services
  • Anton Wahlman reports on why China is going at the USA, and the latest from Polestar
  • In Nik's driveway this week was the Toyota Sequoia and the Ford Escape

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