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12-7-2019 - Volkswagen Makes A Reveal At The LA Auto Show, Ford Is Teaming Up With McDonalds

December 8, 2019

Nik Miles & Truck Girl Jen:

  • Volkswagen's Mark Gillis breaks down VW's Atlas Cross Sport, unveiled at the LA Auto Show
  • Hyundai's Brandon Ramirez has the latest on the Ioniq and Vision T
  • Ford's Debbie Mielewski tells us how coffee grounds from McDonalds are making their way in to your car
  • Our own Mike Caudill talks furloughs at Nissan, and Ford celebrates "Bring Your Dog To Work Day"
  • Anton Wahlman discusses Electric Vehicle news from overseas, as well as General Motors slated to open a new factory in Ohio
  • What should be in your driveway? How about the Mercedes GLC 300W4 and the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, Hyundai Sonata, or perhaps the Baby Mercedes CLA, CLB, and CLC?

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