03-10-2019 Our Auto Expert - Winterfest Ram Bridgestone

March 17, 2019

Nik Miles and the Pit Crew

  • Matt Barber with Subaru Winterfest will breakdown this event
  • Buying new can be less expensive than used
  • Jeff Zurschmeide talks about Ram in Vegas
  • Jen talks about her adventure at the Bridgestone winter driving school
  • Anton Walhman from Seeking Alpha brings the latest on auto industry finance

11-4-18 Our Auto Expert SEMA Hot Wheels Mopar

November 25, 2018

Nik Miles and the Pit Crew 

  • All about SEMA
  • Crew talks about the fun and colorful time they had a SEMA
  • Micheal Caudill Fox and Friends and SEMA 2018 
  • Ted Wu with Hot Wheels Designs talk about the winners of the Legends competition
  • Todd Beddick Head of Accessories and performance Parts Mopar

10-28-18 Special Edition Nissan Titan Paws 1

November 25, 2018

Nik Miles and the Pit Crew 

  • Whats new in Nik's World?
  • Animalrescuerigs.com
  • Our Auto Expert Rescue Vehicle called Paws 1 Partnership and display at SEMA
  • Joel Cruise from Hard Notch Customs explains custom work they can do on trucks & Paws 1
  • Pat Heffron from Wheel Kraft NW explains the hard work and challenge on Paws 1
  • Micheal Caudill talks about the work Line-X donated to Paws 1
  • Wendy Orthman from Nissan explains the call of all Titans Truck and the excitement of working on Paws 1 Rescue Rig and will be on display at SEMA
  • Crazy Anton Wahlman from Seeking Alpha talks EV Finances and Tesla

6-24-18 Our Auto Expert Acura Ford Bridgestone Lexus Jaguar

June 25, 2018

Nik Miles and the Pit Crew 

  • Nik talks about his trips to Nashville-Lexus and Portugal-Jaguar 
  • Andrew Quillin from Acura and the brand new RDX 

  • Travis Calhoun from Ford explains whats new with the Raptor
  • Keith Willcome Product Engineer with Bridgestone Tire Safety

  • Crazy Anton Wahlman from Seeking Alpha

5-27-18 Our Auto Expert Mudfest 2018

June 5, 2018

Nik Miles explains Mudfest and who will be the 2018 Winners at the Ridge Motorsports Park

  • Scott Brown with FCA on the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Jeep Cherokee & Ram 1500 Rebel

  • Jessyka Faison from Ford explains the 2018 EcoSport Titanium SUV
  • William Gock with VW talks about the 2018 Atlas, Golf Alltrack and Tiguan

  • Kevin Raftery takes Nik on a Wild Ride in the 2018 Nissan Titan Pro-4X
  • Erica Rasch from Mitsubishi talks about the Outlander PHEV that can handle the mud

  • Ashley Gillam bought the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van 4x4
  • Lori Scholz from Hyundai takes the 2018 Kona Ultimate to a new level
  • Davis Adams with Honda explains the Coolest features on the Ridgeline
  • Nik announces the 2018 Mudfest Winner voted on by NWAPA Members

3-25-18 Our Auto Expert FCA Alfa Romeo Kia Tesla Buick Ford

April 1, 2018

Nik Miles and the Pit Crew

  • Mark Trostle from FCA explains Drive By Design for High School Kids

  • Ben Lyon From Alfa Romeo shares all you need to know about the Stelvio

  • Pit Crew chats about Buick Badging
  • Sang Lee from Kia talks about the refreshed Sorento

  • Anton Walhman Tesla Buick Trucks Hybrids

2-11-18 Buick OpenRoad GMC Mercedes Roman Mica

February 25, 2018

Nik Miles and the Pit Crew

  • Roman Mica Fast Lane Cars talks about the Buick and Jaguar Events
  • General Manager of OpenRoad Mark Maakestad Bellevue 
  • Jennifer Ecclestone talks about the GMC Mountian Concept 1500 in Vail
  • Mercedes Dealership in Seattle Manager Janelle Markevitch
  • Anton Walhman Tesla and Porshe

1-20-18 Our Auto Expert Alfa Romeo Ram Acura Tesla

February 25, 2018

Nik Miles and the Pit Crew

  • Alfa Romeo Director Pieter Hogeveen Formula 1 Saber 
  • Nick Cappa Ram 1500 Truck
  • Acura RDX Concept Prototype with Andrew Quillin
  • Anton WalhmanTesla

1-7-18 Our Auto Expert Fast Lane Cars Nissan Star Wars Tesla

February 25, 2018

Nik Miles and the Pit Crew

  • Roman Mica TFL Top Trucks & Golden Hitch Award Testing 
  • Janelle Grisby Nissan PR Manager Talks about the New Kick & Star Wars Cars
  • Best Buys for 2017
  • Anton Walhman Tesla in the snow & EV Batteries

12-31-17 Our Auto Expert Infiniti Kia Chevorlet Tesla

February 19, 2018

Nik Miles and the Pit Crew

  • Infiniti QX80 Review
  • Kia Niro With Meagan Wristen.
  • Shad Balch Chevrolet 100 Yr Silverado and Bolt
  • Anton Walhman Tesla