03-10-2019 Our Auto Expert - Winterfest Ram Bridgestone

March 17, 2019

Nik Miles and the Pit Crew

  • Matt Barber with Subaru Winterfest will breakdown this event
  • Buying new can be less expensive than used
  • Jeff Zurschmeide talks about Ram in Vegas
  • Jen talks about her adventure at the Bridgestone winter driving school
  • Anton Walhman from Seeking Alpha brings the latest on auto industry finance

6-24-18 Our Auto Expert Acura Ford Bridgestone Lexus Jaguar

June 25, 2018

Nik Miles and the Pit Crew 

  • Nik talks about his trips to Nashville-Lexus and Portugal-Jaguar 
  • Andrew Quillin from Acura and the brand new RDX 

  • Travis Calhoun from Ford explains whats new with the Raptor
  • Keith Willcome Product Engineer with Bridgestone Tire Safety

  • Crazy Anton Wahlman from Seeking Alpha